Information on how to file a complaint

 Do you think that in your business relationship with Erste nekretnine d.o.o violated a right, we suggest that you try to resolve the situation at issue in a direct conversation with the employees of Erste nekretnina d.o.o. In most cases, in this way, the situation at issue can be resolved quickly and easily to the mutual satisfaction.

If even after the coversation the disputed situation is not resolved, please submit a written complaint as soon as possible, indicate that it is a complaint and submit in one of the following ways:

- Complaints about real estate appraisal send us an e-mail to the address
- For other complaints, send us an e-mail to the address

In order for mutual communication to be secure and transparent, we invite you to contact us by e-mail from the e-mail address that you previously gave us and which we have stored in our system. In this way, we take care of the security and confidentiality of your data. If you contact us from an e-mail address that we do not have registered in our system, we will send our specific response containing confidential information about the relationship with the bank exclusively to the address you provided.

- Send a letter to the business address of Erste nekretnine d.o.o .:
Erste Nekretnine d.o.o.
Ivana Lučića 2
10000 Zagreb

The complaint should contain a detailed description of the event / situation (all facts and circumstances, indicating the relevant dates) as well as evidence that the complaint is well-founded. If the description of the event / situation and / or evidence is incomplete, we will ask you to complete the complaint.
It is advisable to state your OIB (Personal identification number) when submitting the complaint.

We will try to answer your objection in the shortest possible time.
Complaints also contribute to Erste nekretnine d.o.o to identify opportunities to improve the quality of their services. If you expect an e-mail, please check the unsolicited mail (junk / spam mail) because there is a possibility that the answer will end there.

Fixed conversion rate: 1 EUR = 7.53450 kn