Real estate brokerage

We completely understand the difficulties you face when buying or selling real estate on the contemporary real estate market. Our aim is to establish a direct communication between you, our clients and agents – experts on real estate – so that we can ensure that you receive all the assistance needed in a timely manner.

Buying and selling real estate (an apartment, house, business property, land) are subject to the time of frequent changes. Nowadays it is a significant and important event in the life of every individual and a very complex transaction. The entire process may be significantly facilitated by a sufficiently knowledgeable person, such as a real estate agent.

When you are buying real estate (an apartment, house, business property, land), both the capital and professional assistance of a real estate agent can be equally important. Agents have access to specific sources of information that are not always available to everyone, and which may be of great help to you in the search of your real estate and subsequent purchase. For every type of real estate, they can provide you with objective information and offer the right advice based on many years of experience.

The assistance of a real estate agent is invaluable in negotiations and consulting on the final phases of the purchase process. At the same time, it can ensure compliance with the legal standards and regulations.

Erste nekretnine employs real estate agents licensed by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. As a part of the Erste group, Erste nekretnine has sister companies, in cooperation with which it provides services in the entire Central and Eastern Europe. Erste nekretnine also cooperates with trusted agencies all over Croatia.

Erste nekretnine is able to quickly connect investors with projects via a wide network of associates and business contacts. In cooperation with the Erste Bank, necessary funding models can be established for the realisation of the desired business strategy.

Fixed conversion rate: 1 EUR = 7.53450 kn